What is Mastermind?

Mastermind is the premier Youth Ministry Coaching Resource for Youth Pastors (full-time, part-time or volunteer) seeking to build a healthy and growing youth ministry. The kind of youth ministry that produces high quality student leaders for the Kingdom of God.

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What is Mastermind?

How Does it Work?

What is Included?

Why mastermind?

We’ve coached way too many Youth Pastors who describe themselves with one or more of the following statements:

  • I had no formal training to be a Youth Pastor.

  • I’m great at building relationships with students, but I’m terrible at building a youth ministry.

  • I’m stuck in the cycle of just trying to make it through another weekly youth service.

  • I have no long-term strategy for developing future student leaders for the church and/or marketplace.

  • I secretly feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing.

  • I can’t seem to keep momentum in our ministry.

  • I’m a little confused on my philosophy and approach towards youth ministry.

  • I’m not content with the quality of disciple of Christ my ministry is producing.

What’s unique about mastermind?

We believe that leadership development happens most effectively with a balance of three growth values:

  1. Growing leaders need a supportive COMMUNITY.

  2. Growing leaders need balanced and strategic training CONTENT.

  3. Growing leaders need a COACH to challenge them.

how does it work?


  • 8-12 Youth Pastors are in a Mastermind Group for six months per level. There are two levels total.

  • Access to Mastermind private Facebook Group.


  • Each month there is a module of training content (videos + study notes) that strategically build on each other.

  • Each module ends with coaching questions to help you process and apply what you’ve learned.

  • Bonus: Once you are a part of Mastermind you receive lifetime access to all the training modules.


  • Each month the Mastermind Coach meets with the group for a 90 minute Zoom video call.

  • Each coaching call includes: additional content, Q&A with your coach and 1-on-1 coaching

What topics are covered:

 Mastermind Level 1:

  1. Personal Growth: We teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are.

  2. The Art of Self-Leadership: The first rule of leadership is to lead oneself well.

  3. Developing Vision for Life & Ministry: Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.

  4. Balancing Life & Ministry: Your first ministry is to your family.

  5. Avoiding Burnout: Identifying the warning signs and preventive measures.

  6. Developing a Philosophy of Ministry: Spiritual parenting for today’s generation.

Mastermind Level 2:

  1. Understanding Generation Z: Connecting with a generation to transform a generation.

  2. Developing a Healthy Ministry Culture: Culture trumps vision.

  3. Small Groups: Discipleship is relationship before program.

  4. Student Leadership: If your students are not leading, they will be leaving.

  5. Recruiting your Leadership Team: Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

  6. Training & Equipping your Leadership Team: Training leads to retaining.

New groups are starting fall of 2019. Sign Up HERE:

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Lead the Generation is full of proven leaders who have served in the youth ministry trenches in both small and large ministries. Their years of experience will prove to be beneficial to others; for the years will teach what the days will never know.
— Darren Hileman, Executive Director - South Carolina School of Leadership

Our Mastermind Coaches:

Our coaches are EXPERIENCED: Each coach has a minimum of ten years of full-time Youth Pastor experience.  Most of them have over fifteen years.  We offer combined 50+ years of Youth Ministry experience among our team of coaching. 

Our coaches are DIVERSE: We have served in small churches with student ministries of under 30 students to large churches with student ministries over 400.  We’ve ministered in rural, urban and suburban settings. 

Our coaches are RELEVANT:  We are still in the game, serving on the front lines.  We are either actively serving as youth pastors or we are currently involved as volunteers in a local youth ministry. 

Our community is INSPIRED: We love students just like you do and we want to make a big difference in youth ministry. 

Our community is ENGAGED: Your mastermind group will be made up of other Youth Pastors who want to learn and grow.  They will push and challenge you as you will do to them. 

Our community is HEALTHY: If you’re not healthy your ministry effectiveness will always be hindered.  We believe that a healthy community of friends is the best way for each of us to experience health and growth. 

meet the coaches:

jo's sen. rec.JPG

Eran Holt

Eran and his wife Julie, their 3 children, Caleb, Emma and Ellie served as the Student Ministries Pastor for Real Life Youth at GT Church, Reading, PA 2001-2016. During those 15 years Real Life Youth grew from a single youth ministry of 30 students to a multi-site youth ministry of 400. Eran’s passion for creative and relevant preaching, his expertise in leadership development and his commitment to excellence distinguish him as leader and communicator. He speaks at various retreats, camps, conventions, conferences with a passion to inspire students in their faith. In 2016 Eran & Julie founded Lead the Generation. They currently live in Poconos, PA.

jo's sen. rec-2.JPG

Jason Rising

Founder and President of One18 Movement
As a consultant and communicator, Jason has traveled extensively for 20 years to speak
at retreats, services, and events. Through One18 he has hosted over one thousand
outreaches and equipped over three hundred student interns for outreach ministry. He is
a former youth pastor who's desire to see youth groups and churches grow continues
today as he consults and helps build the local church. His passion has helped him
develop the unique ability to train today's leaders by providing practical resources and hosting hands on training experiences.

What people are saying about LTG's Mastermind Groups:

I would highly recommend Lead the Generation Coaching for anyone who is seeking to acquire ministry skills. Whether you have been in the ministry for years, or if you are new to ministry, they can provide the type of coaching relationships needed to help build, develop, or refresh depending upon your own ministerial stage. Personally, I have seen spiritual growth as well as professional growth as a result of the mentoring opportunity I have had with Lead the Generation. They guided me in the process of developing ministry-building strategies while encouraging me to keep my own spiritual health in mind, too.
— Donnie Immel, Youth Pastor
I have grown so much both personally and professionally as a result of the leadership coaching I have received from Lead the Generation. Their experience in ministry paired with their skill set as a coach took my leadership forward both as a pastor and as a husband. Each coaching session equipped me with realistic and measurable goals to ensure that I was on pace to see the change I desired to see within my self and within my ministry.
— Isaac Balban, Youth Pastor

New groups are starting fall of 2019. Sign Up HERE

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