Each coach has a minimum of seven years of full-time Youth or Kids Ministry experience. Most of them have ten to fifteen plus!


We have served in small churches with under 30 students to large churches with student ministries over 400. We’ve ministered in rural, urban and suburban settings..


We are still in the game, serving on the front lines. We are either actively serving as pastors or we are currently involved as volunteers in a local youth or kids ministry.

Our Coach Guarantee

Here's why we believe everyone needs coaching:

  • Choosing & Adapting Curriculum

  • Managing Challenging Behaviors

  • Personal Growth

  • Mission

  • Self Leadership

  • Evangelistic Kids Ministry

  • Creative Summer Outreach

  • Raising Up High Level Leaders

  • Smooth Transitions From One Age Group to the Next

Some topics we'll cover…

How long are coaching calls?

What will we talk about on each coaching call?

What is the cost?

How often will we meet?

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