What is Launch?

Launch is a new initiative focused on planting (launching) youth ministries in churches that have no weekly youth ministry. Launch was developed through a partnership between Lead the Generation and Better Student Ministry Resources of New York Youth Ministries.

Check out this video about the vision of Launch.

What is included in Launch?

Launch is comprised of three components:

  1. Community

We bring together a group of leaders for support and encouragement. 

  1. Content

We provide online access to our leadership development training videos. 

  1. Coaching

We facilitate monthly coaching with the cohort and one-on-one.

How long does it take?

How long does it take?

Launch is a one-year process of coaching and leadership development.

Why do we need it?

The challenge of discipleship is only met through biblical truth taught through relationships.

When a Godly adult builds a relationship with a student the opportunity is created for discipleship to take place. Youth Ministry happens best and in it’s most healthy form when a relational bridge is built that can bear the weight of truth.

Relationships + Truth = Discipleship.

Discipleship = Youth Ministry.

Over 50% of churches in America have no youth ministry.

Without local church youth ministry, we lose a generation!

How do we launch local church youth ministries?Through the development of adult leaders who can serve as volunteer Youth Pastors.

How does Launch work?

Step One: A cohort of volunteer leaders from a ministry network is formed with the help of local church pastors, youth ministry leaders, denominational leadership, etc…

Step Two: A date is set for the cohort to begin the Launch process. We recommend the August or September timeframe for a new cohort to start meeting.

Step Three: Each month the cohort will meet with their coach through a zoom call. Each call will allow for a discussion(s) of the video(s) they have been assigned for that month. The coach will work to develop them as leaders and prepare them to launch and lead a youth ministry in their local church.

Step Four: Each month one-on-one coaching will take place from coaches selected by the local ministry network. These coaches will focus on youth ministry pragmatics.

Here is a sample of one
of the coaching videos:

Here is a sample of one
of the coaching videos:

How does the partnership work between Lead the Generation and a Ministry Network?

Lead the Generation is responsible for:

  • Providing the online learning platform.

  • Providing a cohort coach.

The ministry network/organization is responsible for:

  • Communicating the vision to their churches.

  • Working with their pastors, as needed, to help identify volunteer youth leaders to join a Launch Cohort.

  • Providing one-on-one coaching for members of their coaching cohort.

Download the “Launch Sequence”
for District Youth Directors HERE.

What topics are covered in the training videos?

  1. What is the Gospel?

  • What is the Gospel?

  • Real Growth and Lasting Change

  • Navigating the Ups and Downs

  • Learning to Talk to Yourself

  1. What is discipleship?

  • What Discipleship Is and Isn’t?

  • Gospel-Centered Discipleship

  • The Look of a Disciple

  • Minimal Factors in a Disciple-Making Environment

  1. What is youth ministry?

  • Making the Most of Your Gatherings

  • Partnering with Parents

  • Who is Gen Z?

  • Balancing Life and Ministry

  • Partnering with Your Pastor

  • Student Leadership

  • Small Groups

  • Building a Great Team

  • Planning Your Annual Calendar

  • Managing Difficult Students

What is the cost?

There is not cost to access the training videos. A Lead the Generation coach can assist in coaching a cohort of leaders. We do not have a set fee for this coaching service, but ask that a coach be provided a generous gift to honor their time commitment.